Calliditas is a commercial stage biopharmaceutical company focused on identifying, developing and commercializing novel treatments in orphan indications, with an initial focus on renal and hepatic diseases with significant unmet medical needs.

Calliditas’ lead product, TARPEYO, has been approved by the FDA as the first and only treatment of IgA nephropathy (IgAN), indicated for reduction of proteinuria in adults with primary IgAN at risk of rapid disease progression, generally a UPCR of ≥1.5g/gram. Calliditas has also filed a marketing authorization application (MAA) with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for this drug product.

Calliditas also has a pipeline in orphan-focused indications. Calliditas has initiated a clinical trial in primary biliary cholangitis, and also plans to initiate a trial in head and neck cancer, with NOX inhibitor product candidate setanaxib.

Calliditas is led by an experienced and dedicated management team with an average of more than 15 years of prior experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including at leading companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and AstraZeneca. The board of directors includes highly qualified researchers, pharmaceutical sector executives and experts in drug development, corporate development and pharmaceutical commercialization. Calliditas is also supported by its Scientific Steering Committee, a highly regarded network of leading experts, that serve as external advisors and investigators on clinical trials.