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Board and Committees

The Board is the company’s highest decision-making body after the Annual General Meeting (AGM). According to the Swedish Companies Act, the Board is responsible for the company’s administration and organization, which means that the Board is responsible for setting goals and strategies, ensuring routines and systems for evaluating defined goals, continuously evaluating the company’s earnings and financial position, and evaluating operational management.

The Board is also responsible for ensuring that the annual report and interim reports are prepared in due time. In addition, the Board elects the company’s CEO. Board members are normally elected by the AGM for the period until the end of the next Annual General Meeting. According to the company’s Articles of Association, the Board, to the extent that it is elected by the AGM, should consist of at least three members and no more than ten members without deputy members.

According to the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, the Chairman of the Board should be elected by the Annual General Meeting and have special responsibility for the management of the Board’s work and that the work of the Board is well organized and implemented effectively.

Calliditas’ board of directors consists of six ordinary members, including the chairman of the board of directors, with no deputy members of the board of directors, all of whom are elected for the period up until the end of the annual shareholders’ meeting 2024.

The company fulfills the requirements of the Swedish Corporate Governance Code by the fact that a majority of the elected members are independent of the company and the company management, and at least two of these are independent in relation to major shareholders.

The table below shows the members of the board of directors, when they were first elected and whether they are considered to be independent of the Company and/or the major shareholders.

Name Position Member since Independent of The Company / executive management Independent of The major shareholders
Elmar Schnee Chairman 2019 Yes Yes
Hilde Furberg Board member 2014 Yes Yes
Henrik Stenqvist Board member 2022 Yes Yes
Diane Parks Board member 2019 Yes Yes
Elisabeth Björk Board member 2022 Yes Yes
Fred Driscoll Board member 2023 Yes Yes