At Calliditas, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen by constantly improving the ways in which our business activities have a social, environmental and economic impact. The foundation of our business is our drive to provide access to treatment for people with rare diseases with a high unmet medical need, and our commitment to the highest standard in business ethics is crucial in helping us to strive towards this goal. Calliditas is dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating, and encouraging environment for all our employees. Our success as a company is determined by our ability to operate as a unified team as we work to earn the trust and respect of our co-workers, investors, and ultimately our patients. Our company is built on a foundation of creative, productive and dedicated employees, and we are committed to ensuring that all have an equal opportunity to flourish and actively contribute to our overall mission.

We always aim to act with integrity, and we hold our employees and ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We continuously review and adapt our policies and quality control systems to ensure that we continue to maintain our high standards, and our employees receive regular training on appropriate conduct. We look to promote ethical behaviour amongst our team through our company values and our employee code of conduct. Every employee is expected to act proactively by asking questions, seeking guidance and reporting suspected violations of this code, as we view our employees as essential to helping us maintain a work environment that meets a high ethical standard.

It is our strong belief that a healthy work environment bolsters both individual performance and the company’s overall performance. As an employer, we continuously aim to better the Calliditas work environment and ensure that every employee feels valued, supported, and challenged to grow in their role. Encouraging an appropriate work-life balance is also of great importance to us, as we aim to maintain healthy employees and a healthy work environment. We are proud to offer a safe, healthy and inclusive workplace with equal development opportunities for all.