Calliditas’s vision is to leverage its interdisciplinary expertise in pharmaceutical product development to identify, develop and market high value new medicines in niche indications in which there is a significant unmet medical need and where the company can partially or completely participate in the commercialization.

Calliditas focuses on projects which fulfill the criteria of addressing niche indications where there is also a time and cost-effective path to market, including through reformulation and repurposing of existing compounds, and/or to address orphan population needs, as it has done with Nefecon.


Calliditas’s strategy is to progress Nefecon through Phase 3 clinical development and towards regulatory approval and subsequent commercialization. Upon potential accelerated approval, Calliditas intends to commercialize Nefecon for IgA nephropathy on a standalone basis in the United States market and most likely through partnerships in other regions.

Calliditas will also selectively explore line extensions for Nefecon in other diseases where there is a strong scientific and clinical rationale and attractive commercial opportunities, such as in certain liver diseases. Calliditas may also selectively consider leveraging the company’s capabilities through accessing additional product candidates with a strong strategic and commercial fit with Nefecon for development and commercialization.