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Calliditas is dedicated to identifying, developing and commercializing novel treatments in orphan indications, with an initial focus on renal diseases with significant unmet medical needs.

The gut – an unexpected culprit in IgAN

IgA nephropathy

IgAN – also known as Berger’s disease – is the most common form of glomerulonephritis, a chronic inflammatory condition of the kidney. Currently, there are no approved treatments for IgAN.1


Nefecon is a targeted and sustained-release formulation of budesonide designed to deliver the drug to the ileum where the Peyer’s patches are concentrated and where IgAN is thought to originate.1,2

Scientific Steering Commitee

Nefecon is being studied in patients with IgAN at risk of developing end-stage renal disease, with help from some of the most prominent IgAN specialists in the world serving as external advisors and members of the company’s Scientific Study Steering Committee.3


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